Purchaser of NIK Software Files For Bankruptcy

You read that headline right!  The company, DXO that originally introduced itself to the industry with an alternative camera, and then brought the industry a processing software, DxO PhotoLab, has recently filed bankruptcy.

Although this news might alarm NIK enthusiasts, the company assures that this should have no impact on consumers or their experience.  In fact, they also announced at the same time that in June of 2018 they will release the new version of the Nik Collection with the long awaited bug fixes that have been plaguing us.  In addition, they will be performing updates to ensure compatibility with the most current operating systems.

2 thoughts on “Purchaser of NIK Software Files For Bankruptcy”

  1.  avatar Jim Payne says:

    I just saw an article that the DxO division that owns the software is declaring bankruptcy but it still working on the new version of Nik. I am not sure but perhaps bankruptcy does not mean the same outside of the US and it does within the US.

  2. Lol! They are calling it a “restructuring” of the company. Sounds dodgy to me, but in all truth, they saved Nik, so they have much grace coming from me! I can’t wait to see their update in June!

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