Nikon Enters The World Of Mirrorless

Well folks, what many of us assumed would eventually happen is now taking place it seems, Nikon is entering the world of mirrorless cameras and none to soon.  With the Sony systems increasing in technology and capabilities, not to mention the Fujifilm announcing it’s industry rocking GFX medium format mirrorless system under $8k, we all knew that Nikon and Canon would have to follow suite.

While many of us are tired of lugging around 60 pounds of gear up hill both ways, the mirrorless systems are becoming more and more popular.

Walking into Keith’s office, informing him about this rumor that is circulating, he pointed out that Nikon does indeed have a mirrorless camera, but frankly it’s not impressive.  Perhaps this blog post should be titled:  Nikon Seriously Enters The World Of Mirrorless.

Rumor has it that this new camera is being developed “at a rapid pace” and will be released in the spring of 2019.  Very likely, media will be able to touch and experience this at the Photokina show in Germany later this year.

Additionally, expectations are that they will announce an entry level full frame mirrorless first, complete with new mount.  There is also speculation that it will have a 30+ megapixel sensor with PDAF.


Sources:  Nikon Rumors & Nikon Eye

2 thoughts on “Nikon Enters The World Of Mirrorless”

  1.  avatar Jim Payne says:

    I think this is a good step to keep Nikon strategically in the photographic space for the future. They have to do it but they have to get it right.

  2. With 30 megapixels (if that rumor is true), it could be a good contender!

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