The World’s Largest Camera Show Starts In 5 Days!

In just 5 days the photographic world will flock to Cologne, Germany for Photokina 2018. Having attended Photokina in the past, we can tell you that it is an overwhelming experience of photographic fuel to fill your mind.

This has been a huge year in the industry where the “traditional” camera brands, Nikon and Canon entered into the mirrorless market. In addition, mirrorless veteran, FujiFilm just announced their new flagship piece the X-T3.

We are anticipating and watching to see if Fujifilm will release a speculated new GFX camera that is more compact and less expensive than the GFX50S.

Rumor also has it that Panasonic could break away from their Micro Four Thirds systems and enter into the full frame market with a brand new camera.  Exciting news for Panasonic lovers!

The most surprising rumor that we heard was that Zeiss may announce a mirrorless system.  We would be shocked to see them enter the camera body market, but with their name, why not.  Anything could happen…  They may be releasing a 100mm 1.4 lens and a 40mm f/2 CF FE lens.

We are however anxious to see the surprises that come from the show and are released to the public.

Historically the show has been held in the fall every other year, but starting in May of 2019 the show will be held annually for four days.

Until the show starts we will all sit and anticipate the fun new gear that’s coming our way!