2018 IPPAwards – Landscape

If you’re unfamiliar with the IPPAwards, don’t be surprised.  So were we.  Surprisingly, the IPPAwards have been around for over 10 years.  So what is it?

The iPhone Photography Awards

Recently the 2018 winners for the Landscape division were released and we were eager to see what the judges found to be the best.

Below is a recap with full credit to the iPPAwards and the photographers who entered the contest.

Charles Thomas

United States

1st Place – Landscape

Human vs. Nature
“I’ve always been fascinated with the view out of an airplane window. On this afternoon, I was lucky enough to get a window seat on a return trip from Las Vegas. I watched the landscape slowly transform from cityscape to rows of identical suburban houses, to surreal desert- scape.”

Location: Between Nevada and Arizona
Shot on iPhone 8 Plus


Asuman Robson


2nd Place – Landscape

At Sycamore Gap
“Taken on a hike along Hadrian’s Wall in the North East of England. It was a typical moody day and I liked how the tree and hikers looked in front of the clouds in this dramatic dip of the Roman wall.”

Location: Northumberland, UK
Shot on iPhone 7


Naian Feng


3rd Place – Landscape

The Kerid
“This is a photo of Kerid mount in southern Iceland. Kerid is a dead volcano and in the middle there is a blue volcanic lake. I took this photo during winter when the lake was frozen. The black spots on the surface of the lake are tourists.”

Location: Kerid, Iceland
Shot on iPhone X


If you’d like to enter the 12th Annual iPhone Photography Awards, you have until the deadline, March 31, 2019 to enter.

To enter go here: 2019 iPPAwards

Just a girl with an iPhone…

Have we officially arrived in the future?  Are we now at a place where we can disregard our expensive, heavy DSLR’s for something as compact as a smart phone?

From the millennial to the baby boomer, folks are trading in the weight of heavy “traditional” DSLR’s for mirrorless cameras and have been for a number of years.  Are we now in a place where smart phones are becoming a standard in photography?

Last September Time Magazine published an image on their cover that had been captured with an iPhone.

In her post titled “How we created Time Magazine’s First iPhone Portfolio“, Kira Pollack states this:

“Last summer, I came across the work of a young Brazilian photographer named Luisa Dörr while I was browsing Instagram. I had never heard of her, but with all great photographs, it’s the image that captivates me, not the name of the photographer.” 

Pollack goes on to state that she became captivated with the Instagram feed and the consistency of the images the feed contained.

As a result, Pollack hired the Instagrammer to photograph women such as Oprah, Hillary Clinton, Aretha Franklin, Serena WIlliams and many others.  All of these names have been photographed by the best in the industry, and yet they chose a young girl with an iphone for this large task.

Luisa Dorr, left, shoots Oprah Winfrey on her iPhone in Los Angeles, Oct. 2016.

Luisa Dorr, left, shoots Oprah Winfrey on her iPhone in Los Angeles, Oct. 2016.


“As Luisa told me in our interview, which you can read here, many of them were disarmed by her stripped-down, bare-bones process. The iPhone has become so ubiquitous in our culture, so essential to the way we are communicating, that our subjects, I think, were at first surprised that something so basic was being used for something as singular as a portrait for TIME. But such a universal tool in fact became a refreshing and equalizing force for each session. It enabled the shoots to be much more about the “act” of portrait-making—the gestures, the eyes, what even the most subtle body language can reveal about a person.”  – Kira Pollack 

Although most of us won’t be willing to set down our DSLR’s for strictly an iphone, it’s a challenge to all of us.  For many of us, each piece of gear we carry in our bags is beloved.  We know the lenses intimately.  We have spent time with them and we know their limitations and the places where they can come to life.

Ms. Pollack, her position with Time Magazine and her willingness to identify a young girl with an iPhone and to engage her to create 12 cover photos for her magazine, should encourage all of us to use the tools we have.   Rather than chasing, striving for new gear, let’s instead focus on our artistic abilities, dig deep into our passion of the art itself and see what can be created.

As with all artists, it’s easy for us to get distracted.  I’m sure Luisa Dorr never imagined that she would get a call from Time Magazine. She was staying in her lane, consistently making work that stemmed from her heart, and was committed to doing what she loved.  When that diligence and passion is done consistently over a period of time, creation does evolve and with the creation, growth that you could never imagine.

The best iPhone photography app just got a complete makeover

One of the best original iPhone photography apps is about to make a comeback.

Camera+ was one of our favorite camera apps in the early days of the iPhone thanks to its streamlined UI and unique features. Now the developers behind have given it a complete overhaul in time for the summer.

Camera+2 is a complete rewrite of the original, making it better, faster and stronger than ever to take advantage of the iPhone X’s new camera features. Best of all, the developers are doing away with in-app purchases. Now you get everything you need to make your photos look amazing for just $1.99.

So, what’s changed from the original? Pretty much everything. All of the camera features like Slow Shutter and manual shooting controls are still there. You get support for Portrait Mode now and can choose between using the wide or tele lens if your iPhone has a dual-lens camera.

On the editing side everything has been streamlined. Camera+2 integrates your Photo Library with the Lightbox now so that you don’t have to import and export photos you want to edit. They’ve also added RAW photo capture and editing so you can push each pixel to the limit.

Camera+2 is a universal app too so you get all the same features on your iPad too. It is set to launch on May 29th at $2.99, but you can pre-order it now for just $1.99 on the App Store.


Via:  Cult of Mac