Fujifilm Releases New Medium Format Camera

After may rumors and speculation circulated around the virtual photography water coolers, FujiFilm announced at 9:00 a.m. that they have released a new medium format camera.

Already on the market is their GFXS, and released today is the GFXR.  Both are a staggering 51.4 million pixels.

We wanted to look at the notable differences and the biggest thing we noted was the price.  Coming in at $4,499.95, she is less expensive than her sister the

GFXS who is priced currently at B&H for $5,849.00

Additionally, the GFXR also has Bluetooth compatibility, so that the photographer can pair with their smartphone or tablet to transfer images.  This is different from the wifi capabilities of the other FujiFilm models.

Other notable differences is a lighter and thinner body.

If you’re in the market for a medium format camera, this just might be the option for you!

3 thoughts on “Fujifilm Releases New Medium Format Camera”

  1. Janis Borgueta avatar Janis says:

    While tempting @tiffanyreedbriley I think I’ll have to pass on this one. I think I’m going to try the XT3 and use the XT2 as the back up. Not too much difference between the two, but the numbers allow for new lenses and still costs less than this one big ticket item. Maybe in a few years I’ll sell everything and upgrade to something more dramatically different, but for now these make me rather happy. I can’t wait to try out the XT3!!

    1. I agree Janis and I think your choice for the XT3 is a solid one. Still big news for FujiFilm lovers though! Did you also notice the new F1 lens they are rolling out? It’s the first of its kind!

      1. Janis Borgueta avatar Janis says:

        I did not. Is it for the Xt3? What do you think they will price that at? I’m looking at the 35mm f2 right now, but I’d wait if it is not crazy money. More importantly did you hear anything about an update for Adobe Raw? I’m hearing issues with the files for editing. UGH. always something.

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