Sony’s new mirrorless camera EVF is 60 percent sharper

Sony has unveiled an OLED electronic viewfinder (EVF) display with a resolution of 5.6 million dots and a record 6.3 micrometer dot pitch. That’s a significant boost over the 3.69 million dot EVF on its flagship A9 and A7R III mirrorless cameras. It also boasts a refresh rate of 240 fps, double that of the previous model. Once it starts shipping later this year, you can expect to see mirrorless cameras with much sharper and more responsive displays, further closing the gap on DSLRs with optical viewfinders.

The displays, which have 1.6 times the resolution of the last model, will be used on “high-end cameras that demand extremely high image quality,” Sony said. You can also expect to see them on augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) headsets. The high refresh rate should be particularly helpful when shooting 4K video on mirrorless cameras, and will also reduce motion sickness and image artifacts in VR.

Sony-manufactured EVFs are used on most other mirrorless cameras, including models from Fujifilm, Panasonic and others. So, the arrival of a crucial new component clearly designed for flagship cameras will no doubt set off speculation as to which models will get it and when.

Sony’s A7S III video-centric camera is due to arrive soon, and given the ship date, reinforces rumors that it will first be shown at Photokina in Cologne, Germany this September. Nikon has also said that it’s making a full-frame mirrorless camera that could use the EVF, and it could also be unveiled at the same show. Other models from Fujifilm and Leica might come out around the same time, so it could be one of the most interesting Photokina shows in years.

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  1. OLED is such an incredible improvement in display technology. I remember the first time I encountered it. Char and I were in the home theater section of Best Buy a number of years ago shopping for surround sound speakers and there was this small, maybe 6×9” , OLED TV on the checkout counter in that area. It was about $2,500 at that time because the technology was so new; but there was a movie playing on it with a night scene in New York’s Central Park or something and it had so much detail and depth that it gave me the feeling that if I leaned in too close to look at it, I might just fall right into the scene. Just a couple weeks ago, we were in Best Buy again, regarding phone accessories, and I caught a TV display out of the corner of my eye, figured correctly that it must be OLED, and detoured directly there. If you are not familiar with OLED displays, you should check them out. They are truly amazing.

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