4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Backing Up: I want to hear what you do!”

  1. Keith Hudspeth avatar Keith Hudspeth says:

    Good Backups to me have always been a moving target. Once I think I have a good system going something changes and I have to start over. At some point several years ago when my files were much smaller, I had a CD burner that had a CF card reader and my first step was always to burn a CD before I loaded them onto my PC. One 512 mg card would fit on a std CD. This became my ” negatives” to file. Last summer I started using the new iPad Pro 12.7″ and it allows me to upload my raw files, where I then make my selections and do a lot of my processing. My other new item is a WD My Passport wireless pro which has an SD card reader. While traveling , at the end of the day , I try to upload all my raw files to both the iPad and the Passport. So that gives me three copies until I get back to the office. Most of my raw files are then uploaded to my iMac which has a separate hard drive. I am also using a Lima on my wifi network at home that backs everything up each night from my External hard drive to another external hard drive. I agree with David and subscribe to the 3-2-1 Rule for backups. Always have three copies of your files on at least 2 different types of media and in more than one location.

    1. So truth Keith! I was chatting with Apple yesterday about this same thing. You make a great point. As our files are getting larger and larger, backing up is going to be a real issue with the amount of space that will be required. It makes me wonder…how many megapixels do we actually need?

  2. Keith Briley avatar Keith Briley says:

    3-2-1, indeed! And, if you have the ability, have something that backs up your entire system, and the externals connected to it (Time Machine). I agree that the now larger file sizes are giving us endless possibilities when it’s comes to post processing. But, as Tiff mentioned, how many pixels do we really need???

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