Fresh Eyes & A Familiar Place

Are you itching for your next adventure or trip?  We are as well.  On a daily basis Keith is talking about us running away and photographing the mountains covered in snow.  This last month has been a very busy one for us.  We welcomed the editor of Landscape Photography Magazine, Dimitri Vasileiou to our home and hosted him for 4 days over Tiff’s birthday.

During his visit we had the opportunity to catch up, chat and talk shop about photography.  We also took him on a mini tour of the area which included the Angel Oak tree.

For those of you who have been to Charleston, the Angel Oak may have been on your list of places to see, or perhaps we took you there on a tour (although that’s not a common stop for us).  When we went there with Dimitri, we weren’t exactly excited about going there (just to be honest).  We’ve seen it a thousand times, and even more than that, we’ve seen it photographed from what seems like every angle.

That trip to the Angel Oak though was inspiring for one reason.  Tiff captured this image with this new perspective and it caused us to reassess the joy that can be had in the very familiar.

Recently Keith was chatting with a guest over how often he’s at the boneyard beach.  Watching Keith photography is inspiring because he never accepts the same old compositions and he’s always approaching the familiar with a new set of eyes.  He created Blush Of Dawn (shown here) out of a desire to challenge himself to see something new at this familiar location.

With the holidays surrounding us, you’ll likely be traveling to familiar places to be with friends and family during the season.   We want to challenge you to find your familiar places, step out and look at it with fresh eyes.  You never know, a piece of art might just be waiting for you to create it.

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