Gear Trends: Necessary or Distraction?

It’s Thanksgiving week, and Black Friday ads, commercials, newspaper inserts and popups on our internet browser are all blaring the hottest gift ideas, discounts and deals.

This morning while in the office and fielding through emails we came across something that grabbed our attention.

Do ya’ll remember the Lytro that was introduced last fall as the first camera that records the light?  The technology that they have created allows you change the focus point and perspective of the pictures after the point of capture.  What this means is that if you’ve taken an image of a flower in the foreground and there’s a barn in the background, you can decide at a later time which you would like to be in focus.

Here’s the question we ask ourselves: “Is this cutting edge technology that will change the game, or is it simply a passing trend?”

Although the jury is still out on that question for the Lytro specifically, our eyebrows raised when we were directed to this website this morning to find that the regularly high priced item in question was reduced from $1,299.99 to $349.99 on this website.

In our opinion, at $349.00 this could be a really fun Christmas gift for yourself or your photographer.   What’s Christmas without gifting unnecessary techy toys?

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